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5Starr Scooters | Damarea Strigglers Quick Release

Posted by Blake Bailor on

5Starr Scooters | Damarea Strigglers Quick Release 

Damarea Strigglers is one of 5Starr Scooters former team riders, who has always had an uncanny ability to go upside down on his scooter. Whether he is attempting a backflip, frontflip, some sort of flip combination, or even a double backflip, Damarea seems to know exactly what he is doing when it comes to going upside down. He also has always been fearless in his attempts at learning new tricks, which is very clear in the introduction section of his 5Starr Scooters “Quick Release” video, which was initially released a little bit over a year ago. In the introduction, Damarea can be seen attempting many radical freestyle scooter maneuvers that he ultimately ends up landing later on in the video. 

Damarea has always been one of those individuals who firmly believes that he can achieve nearly anything that he sets his mind to, and that very same thought process is true of scooter riding for him, as well, which this particular video does an excellent job of showcasing. The premium level of quality that the vast majority of the freestyle scooter riding featured in this video is at is simply remarkable, especially for a quick release that he just so happened to throw together in a very short amount of time. I personally would love to see what this guy would be capable of producing if he really took his time to create something spectacular. However, I suppose this awesome throwback video will simply have to do for now.

Although Damarea clearly seems to be struggling with his attempts towards the beginning of the video, it is certainly well worth your time to stick around and see the kinds of tricks that he ends up rolling away from. His skate park game is definitely very strong, but more importantly; the combinations that this kid has down to an exact science are astonishing. This video may be over a year old, but if it doesn’t leave you craving more from Damarea than you my friend will be missing out on some great freestyle scooter riding in the near future. 

I still cannot get over that double backflip towards the end of the video, which he somehow managed to be able to roll away from flawlessly. It’s daunting to me how many freestyle scooter riders are able to double backflip nowadays, but I suppose it is simply just a sign of the natural progression of the sport of freestyle scooter riding. I would definitely be sure to check this video out if you want to see some hectic freestyle scooter riding, and be sure to enjoy all of his wicked combinations, as well. The dude definitely has some remarkable tricks up his sleeve Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at the 5Starr Scooters blog for more 5Starr Scooters team rider content, along with any and all other future 5Starr Scooters news, content, and updates. 

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