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5Starr Scooters | Vortex Y-Bars

Posted by Blake Bailor on

5Starr Scooters | Vortex Y-Bars

We at 5Starr Scooters firmly believe that your hands and your feet are your only true direct connections that you have to your scooter as you are riding, which is why we put so much emphasis on the design and manufacturing process when it comes to producing freestyle scooter decks and bars that will live up to the standard of premium quality that we as a company have been able to uphold for so many years. With that being said, our 5Starr Scooters Y-Bars are one of our most prized possessions because of all of the attention to detail that we implemented into the design process, along with the high expectations that we had for quality through out the manufacturing process. It is because the substantial amount of time and effort that we put into these processes that we were eventually able to create some of the best freestyle scooter bars on the market today. The Vortex Y-Bars aren’t just your typical BMX style freestyle scooter bars. In fact, they bring a whole lot more to the table than just that. These bars have been specifically designed with you in mind, which means that every single feature that this product comes equipped with has been implemented in order to enhance your overall riding experience. Besides, how are you ever going to truly enjoy riding your scooter if you are rocking some ugly, terrible feeling handle bars? If you aren’t quite sold so far than just take a good, long look at our very detailed list of specifications that we have provided below, and decide for yourself. 

  • 4130 Chromoly
  • Black powder coated
  • 22"W by 24"H
  • Standard size (not oversized)
  • Backsweep: No
  • Slit: No
  • Weight: 2.6

As you can clearly tell based upon the list of specifications provided above, these aren’t any ordinary freestyle scooter handlebars. First and foremost, these have to be some of the most lightweight freestyle scooter bars on the market today, which is important for all of you weight freaks out there, who want to be able to easily maneuver your scooter around in the air. On top of that, these bars are produced using some of the strongest chromoly steel in the industry, which allows each and every single of you the freedom to attempt any freestyle scooter trick that your hearts desire, without having to worry about whether or not your scooter bars are going to be able to handle the impact of the obstacle that you are riding. The Vortex Y-Bars also come with no back sweep, unlike most other BMX style freestyle scooter bars in the industry, which gives you that traditional T-Bar feel, while still being able to maintain that BMX style look. Anyways, if you aren’t convinced after reading this article than I suppose you will just have to pick up a pair for yourself and formulate your own opinion. However, in the mean time, be sure to stay tuned right here at the 5Starr Scooters blog for more 5Starr Scooters product information and updates, along with any and all other future 5Starr Scooters news, content, and updates.

Pick up some Vortex Y-Bars HERE!