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5Starr Scooters | Six Spoke Wheels

Posted by Blake Bailor on

Six Spoke Wheels | 5Starr Scooters

Freestyle scooter riding is just as much about the overall look and feel of your scooter as it is about the tricks that you are able to perform. We at 5Starr Scooters believe that the wheels that a scooter rider chooses to ride essentially determine precisely how the scooter will feel as it is ridden. Softer urethane will leave you with a slower scooter, while harder urethane will leave you with no grip to rely on when you are performing your tricks. On top of that, the weight, shape and size of your freestyle scooter wheels can either positively or negatively effect your ability to perform out in the field, which is precisely why we at 5Starr Scooters have put so much thought, time, and effort into designing and manufacturing a freestyle scooter wheel that was capable of satisfying all of your freestyle scooter wheel needs at once. 

We spent a substantial amount of time in the developmental stage, in order to ensure that we could eventually produce a freestyle scooter wheel that any freestyle scooter rider would be proud of. Our final product, the 5Starr Scooters Six Spoke wheel has accomplished everything that we ever could have wished for, and much much more. We can guarantee that each and every single one of you freestyle scooter riders out there will easily be able to tell the difference when you put these bad boys on and start pushing around. If you aren’t quite convinced than just take a nice hard look at our very detailed list of specifications that the Six Spoke wheel comes equipped with:

  • Black anodized
  • 6 spoke core design
  • 7 series billet (30% stronger than standard industry 6061 billet)
  • 110 mm high rebound black polyurethane wheel
  • 87A hardness

As you can clearly tell based upon the very detailed list of specifications that has been provided above, these 5Starr Scooter wheels possess each and every single one of the ingredients that are required to produce any great scooter wheel, and we guarantee you that when you put these puppies on, you will surely notice the difference. Every freestyle scooter wheel is different in some way, shape, or form, which essentially means that it is up to each and every single one of you to determine what style of scooter wheel, is the right one for you. We highly suggest starting with our Six Spoke wheel because we firmly believe that you will fall in love with it after your very first push off of the ground. The 5Starr Scooters Six Spoke wheel is currently available at 5Starr Scooters for the very affordable price of just $22.95 per wheel, and it is available in black on black, so be sure to snag yourself a pair today. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at the 5Starr Scooters blog for more excellent 5Starr Scooters product information and updates, along with any and all other future 5Starr Scooters news, content, and team rider updates.

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