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5 Starr Scooters | The TMS Fork

Posted by Blake Bailor on

5 Starr Scooters | The TMS Fork

Here at 5Starr Scooters we are always striving to innovate and create freestyle scooter products that expedite the progress of the freestyle scooter industry at large. However, with that being said, we also have enough knowledge and understand of freestyle scooter components and freestyle scooter design to recognize when a particular formula for a product is ready to become an industry standard. The TMS Fork essentially embodies everything that any scooter rider would ever need in a freestyle scooter fork, which is why we are so proud and confident in all of the hard work and effort that we put forth in order to create this beautiful thing. The TMS Fork was designed with sleekness in mind because we at 5Starr Scooters firmly understand that having a bulky, unnecessarily heavy scooter fork is simply just unacceptable. This bad boy is extremely lightweight, very durable, and remarkably versatile when it comes to going out there and performing all of your favorite freestyle scooter maneuvers. On top of that, the 5Starr Scooters TMS Fork isn’t too hard to look at either, which seems to be a rarity nowadays in the freestyle scooter industry. We have certainly seen some ugly forks in our day. Anyways, if you don’t want to take our word for it than simply just check out the very detailed list of specifications that we have provided below and formulate your own opinion.

  • Color: Titanium
  • Material: 7 Series-T5 cnc machined
  • Threadless
  • Compatible with scs and hic compression systems
  • Compatible with 100mm & 110mm wheels
  • Axle and spacer included
  • 9.5" in length
  • 0.6 lbs 

As you can clearly tell based on our very detailed list of specifications that has been provided above, this Fork is nothing short of absolutely spectacular, and it has proven it’s worth time and time again out in the field. Whether you are riding your scooter at a skate park or on a street obstacle, it will surely perform well on any terrain. In fact, our very talented team of freestyle scooter riders have put the TMS Fork through just about anything and everything imaginable, and it has always managed to handle any impact, obstacle, or awkward landing that a freestyle scooter rider could possibly put it through. On top of that, it comes in a very beautiful and stunning Titanium color that you certainly will not find anywhere else, so if you want to be rocking one of the most unique looking freestyle scooter forks on the market than the 5Starr Scooters TMS Fork is the right Fork for you. The next time that you are shopping around and are in desperate need of a brand new freestyle scooter fork that will perform at a premium level, be sure to keep the 5Starr scooters TMS Fork in mind because we are convinced that it wont disappoint. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at the 5Starr Scooters blog for more product information and updates, along with any and all other future 5Starr Scooters news, content, and team rider videos. 

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