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Kory Collins : House of Circles

Posted by Blake Bailor on

Insane freestyle scooter tricks are always cool, but sometimes all you really need at the end of a long day on the scoot is some simple tricks and some excellent style. There aren’t too many scooter riders who truly appreciate the simple things in scooter riding, but the select few that do also do an amazing job of implementing and showcasing that knowledge with their footage. One of our most talented 5Starr Scooters team riders (no longer riding for us), Kory Collins is one of those rare individuals who can really appreciate the art of simplicity, and he does a superb job of showcasing that in his footage. He also just so happens to have some beautiful style on a scooter, which only enhances the overall quality of his footage videos, in general. One of Kory’s older video parts that he released in October of 2014, entitled: “Kory Collins: House of Circles” is one of our personal favorites and certainly something that is well worth revisiting. Kory can definitely hang with the best of them if he wanted to, but he seems to thoroughly enjoy making his tricks look good, which is one of the aspects of this video that makes it so great to watch. He does somehow manage to sneak a couple of more complex tricks in lines into this video, but for the most part, this video is jam packed with nothing, but simple, straightforward, and gorgeous tricks.

This video really starts out with a bang as Kory takes a couple of really hard slams and then he gets right down to business with an extremely high speed line on a very unique looking street spot, which reminds me just how much I love seeing some fast paced scooter riding, especially when it is being done with good style. Kory also does an excellent job of implementing a lot of variety into this video, which is a breath of fresh air in comparison to a lot of the rider content that is being released to the public nowadays. There’s definitely a strong technical element to his riding, but he can definitely grind a handrail or jump a big gap if need be. His Third and Army line was definitely one of my favorite lines in the entire video, along with his other ledge line that was featured towards the beginning of the video, but everything else in here is so good that it’s hard to even narrow it down and make that kind of decision. Anyways, this video may be a little bit older, but the freestyle scooter tricks featured in the video definitely stand the test of time. This video is well worth your time, so give it a watch and enjoy a little bit of Kory Collins street style mayhem. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at the 5Starr Scooters blog for more rider content such as this video, along with any and all other future 5Starr Scooters news, content, and updates. 

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